SCHOOLTAINER-Classrooms for as low as Ksh 400k.

A4architect offers Architectural consulting services. Our team of Architects will work with you to realize your unique building design.

Schooltainers are the solution for your organization if you intend to construct an entire school, if you need to carry out an expansive expansion or if you are looking to construct just a single classroom.

This technology is already in use, successfully in other parts of Africa

A Schooltainer is a container converted into a classroom.There are two versions;

Version 1.

This is suitable for Nursery and Pre School classes and can comfortably fit 30 pupils. Its dimensions are 12 meters length and 2.4 meters width.
A schooltainer Version 1 being offloaded.
A schooltainer Version 1 being placed on the site.

Our designers change the containers to habitable spaces with large windows,ceiling and electricity connection.
The Schooltainer Version 1 is decorated on the outside .

Version 2.

This is 12 meters in length and 4.8 meters in width and is suitable for use as Classrooms or Std.1 upto Form 4 and use as library and Laboratory. This can comfortably fit up to 56 pupils.

A Schooltainer version 2 being constructed.

A complete Schooltainer Version 2 Classroom.
The a4architect Foundation builds the Schooltainer foundations using masonry stone and then places the container to a selected site.
Converted containers solve the difficult problem of the current Global recession, rising cost of construction and building in remote areas in Kenya. These fully equipped structures are delivered to remote sites anywhere in Kenya.

A 50 point check sheet is used when purchasing a container, to ensure that they are suitable for use as Schooltainers. Containers are made from 2mm corrugated steel and are extremely strong structures; 12 containers can be safely stacked on top of each other. Properly maintained containers can last up to 50 years or more. All Schooltainers are provided with maintenance schedules and appropriate paint to touch up. The conversion process is carefully monitored and designed to produce Schooltainers which can withstand most of the weather extremes found in Kenya.
Heat is generally transmitted through the ceiling, so very effective insulating panels are placed inside the Schooltainer at an appropriate distance from the roof. Extra large windows are placed opposite each other for light and to allow for cooling cross-breezes.
Containers are wire-brushed to remove all old paint and rust resistant metal etch oxide is painted over the entire container. Two coats of enamel are painted on top of this, followed by a further coat of enamel which is used to decorate the container. Schooltainers are placed on Masonry Stone strip foundations which allow airflow underneath. Professional builders build the foundations and use a ‘dumpy’ level to site across the 12 meters which separates each Masonry strip, ensuring that they are absolutely level. During the building process, they train local artisans in the construction methods they use; improving local skill levels.

1. This is a cost effective way of construction. Converted containers solve the difficult problem of the current Global recession, rising cost of construction and building in remote areas in Kenya.
2. They are durable and long lasting and provide security as they are made from strong steel structures.
3. The Modular Schools are also portable which will enable the management to change layouts to fit their needs. These fully equipped structures can be delivered to remote sites anywhere in Kenya.
4. They can be custom made to suit the needs of your school.
5. The time period of construction is relatively short, and on average a single classroom will be constructed within an estimated time of 1 week.
The cost of the Modular School or classroom will be dependent on the specifications, interiors and special finishing ordered. On average however a standard classroom will costs from Ksh 400,000 + VAT for Version 1 and Ksh 650,000+VAT for Version 2.

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