How to Increase new customers through display stand designs.

How to Increase new customers through display stand designs.

Research has proven that the design of a display stand influences the number of buyers of a product.
A study carried out by the Small Business Association on the effects of display signage on restaurant customer base discovered that over 30 percent of new customers in a typical restaurant entered the restaurant because they got attracted to the display sign.
The most significant factor in attraction of new customers came from the display design.

Research also shows that over 70 percent of sales of a product in the supermarkets are influenced by the display design. That is to say if two same products from two different companies are placed side by side in a supermarket shelf, and one product is placed in a well designed display, the product in the well designed display will sell 70% more than the other.
Display stands must be designed to be unique and communicate strongly to the customer so that they stand out from the other competing displays around them.

We at Prism Designs work with our clients to come up with the best and most cost effective designs that attract and appeal to the customers’ eye.

The best display designs are the ones that influence the buyers without the buyers feeling pressurized to buy.
Currently, the displays in the market are so many and too common such that the customers do not seem to notice them. This is why unique and innovative display designs are very crucial to drive the sales up.

Well designed display stands also enhance a product’s brand and etch the product’s logo in the customer’s mind which makes a very powerful attachment to customers so as to influence potential later sales.

Overall architectural design of the complete building or shop is also a key factor in driving sales up because when well designed, this increases the audience and can target many more customers.

Simple but not simplistic.

Designs can be designed to look simple so as to easily communicate with the cognitive mind. Such designs may look simple but in reality, are very powerful tools of communication of a particular brand hence increasing sales.

A good display design will effectively show-case your products and let them stand out from the competition resulting I increased sale.

Article written by
Frank Gichuhi

Frank Gichuhi is an Architect working with Prism Designs.

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