Rental units on a 50 by 100 feet plot: 1 Bedroomed vs 2 Bedroomed.

Rental units on a 50 by 100 feet plot: 1 Bedroomed vs 2 Bedroomed.

In areas that have a very high young population, such as areas near Universities – around Juja[JKUAT University] , Lower Kabete[University of Nairobi-Lower Kabete Campus], or Kahawa[Kenyatta University],1 bedroomed units will have a very high demand due to the large influx of parallel degree students. These are also in high demand near major towns and tourist locations such as Mombasa whereby holidaying tenants can rent for a short period of time.

Comparison on Rent.

In a 50 by 100 plot, you can put up to 7 No. I bedroomed units per floor for 5 floors=35 units.
At a modest rental income of minimum KES 8,000 per month this brings the amount to 8,000 x 35=KES 280,000.
The same area can contain 4 units of 2 bedroomed each x 5 floors =20 units.
At an average rent of minimum 12 k per month this brings the total to 12,000x 20 =240,000 per month.
These rental incomes are on the lower side-it you put quality finishes, the rents can double.

Comparison on cost of Construction.

With high quality finishes, the construction cost also increases significantly. With modest / low cost finishes, the construction cost per square meter is KES 17,000.
The average size of a 1 bedroomed unit is 35 square meters.
For the 1 bedroomed units in the 50 by 100 feet plot, this will be 17,000 x 35 units x 35m2[floor area of 1 unit] =KES 20,825,000.
The average size of a low-cost 2 bedroomed unit is 60 square meters.
For the 2 bedroomed units within the 50by 100 feet plot, at a construction cost of KES 17,000 per square meter, this brings the total to 17,000 x 20 units x 60m2 = KES 22,100,000.

So for roughly the same cost of construction, the 1 bedroomed houses will offer more rental income.
However, 2 bedroomed units have a higher demand than 1 bedroomed units hence a more stable income.

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  1. David Kibaara
    November 10, 2014 at 7:08 am

    how many hostel rooms can i build in a 50ft by 100ft no storey and what would be their cost

  2. H K Faiyaz Ahammed
    September 17, 2017 at 11:24 am

    I need plan for construct 2bhk houses for rental purpose in 50 * 50 site.

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