Factors That Influence the Design of Ranch House Plans

By: Muna wa Wanjiru

A ranch house plans is a combination of both traditional and practical approach to house design. Most ranch houses are constructed with large garages that are attached along with deeply set eaves and low-level gable roofs. Ranch houses are generally built with one story. The external part of ranch house may include natural wood, bricks and a large picture of windows but this is a traditional approach of a ranch house because ranch house normally has few decorative elements, this is necessary to save space for shutters and give support to porch roof.

L shaped ranch house plan is classic example of rambling ranch floor plans which combines living and dining areas into one, it also contains hallway that leads to the family room and bedrooms on the other side of the home. You can also find ranch house plans in U or rectangular shaped styles. A sliding door in the back that leads to a patio is another common feature of the mixed and informal ranch house plan.

There are several architecture feature that you can find in a ranch house plans such as asymmetrical footprint, one story or split level, low-pitched roof etc.

You are looking for a mid size of ranch house then you can see plentiful amenities that are wrapped into its compact design. You can find various characteristics of mid size ranch house plans such as its elegant brick exterior which is accented by a Palladian window, it has multi-level trim and inviting front porch that makes this ranch house even more beautiful. A ranch house contains a bay window which is used for brightens the breakfast room and kitchen. Its vaulted ceilings add beauty to living rooms and dining rooms this may also include master suite. If you look at other rooms then they may offer nine-foot ceilings. The secondary bedroom of ranch house provides walk in closet and share a Jack and Jill bath.

If you are looking for ranch house plans then you can easily get, after paying 870 dollars to get reproducible master plan, you can also get blue prints of 8 sets for 690 dollars and 5 sets for 630 dollars.

A ranch house plan may be influence by several style patters such as colonial, traditional etc. The main level of ranch house plan can be up to 1992 square feet. It can contain 3 bedrooms,2 baths, one half baths, this can be up to 63 inches width to 57 inches depth. A ranch house plan can be of one story, it may contain three garage bays. A ranch house plan may be built on foundations of crawlspace, slap etc.

There are many other ranch house plans are available such as fireplace , master and master suit , deck(first level) , porch(front, screened ,front), formal dining room , widows (bay, box, bow etc) formal living room etc. A ranch house may include several patterns that can depend on several factors such as space as well as budget.

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