1. Description:
This is a kind of modular house designed and prefabricated according to your design and space needs requirements and has been manufactured since 1968.
All the parts of this house conform to ISO 9001 Specifications and you can choose the colour that
appeals to you.

Phased Residential House Construction

2.Technical Specification

Technical data
Manufacturing is based on the assumptions of a snow load of 50kg/m2, a wind speed
of 0.5kn/m2 and 7.0 Richter scale earthquake factor of safety.The degree of the roof slope is 30.

2.1 Exterior and interior wall;
Walls are manufactured by being pressed after placing a 50-mm thick layer of hard polystyrene
foam of high density between both faces of color steel sheet with a thickness
of 0.35 mm(double surface of wallboard). Wall thickness is 50mm. Heights of buildings are
2.45-3.45Meters. The insulation is made of polystyrene foam,density:13kgs/CBM which ensures adequate protection from excess heat during hot weather and excess cold during cold weather.

2.2 Wall joinings
Joining elements are bent from stripped H-section profile iron to join by special methods with radii
formings at the edges to prevent rusting.

2.3 Doors
Outer doors are made of iron with dimensions – 800X2000mm. Inner doors are in
the dimensions- 800X2000mm. Inner doors are made of SIP.
The external doors are made of coloured steel or SIP.

2.4 Windows
These are made of specially formed PVC in the dimensions of 1200X1000mm.

2.5 Load carrying system
A steel skeleton consisting of a roof girder formed from box profile R353, columns
formed from special profiles made of stripped R281 and ridge rod serve as
the load carrying system. Steel girders are spaced at1224mm along the building.
Fastening is made with bolts and nuts. They can be dismounted and re-installed
as many times as desired.

2.6 Roof covering.
Roof is covered with 60mm color steel sandwich panel which is suitably laid to
drive on the box structure made of beams and tie poles. Roof covering is fastened
to box structure through bolts. Along the roof is a 300mm wide eave extended.
The external face of roof is:0.42mm color-steel sheet, inner face is0.34mm, the insulation is
made of: foam desnity:13kgs/CBM.This insulates the interior of the house effectively from
excessive heat during hot weather.

2.7 Electrical installation
All the installation is applied via PVC conduits conforming to
Kenyan standards.

electrical wire: copper wire 240Volt,cross section area:2.5mm2 ,for living purposes;
copper wire 240Volt,Cross section area:4mm2, for A/C purpose; all the sockets are:240Volt, 13A.

2.8 Sanitary equipment
Water conduits and drainage pipes are PVC based .

Sink counter has the dimensions of 500X1200mm.
It is terminated 1 m away in the outside both for the water and drain pipes.
Kitchen cabinets are excluded.

2.9 Glazing
Window glazing is 5mm single float glass.

roof: 60mm color steel sandwich panel


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