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By: Cliff James

Small house plans are small home plans or floor plans. Small house plans are popular but are not a style of home. Small house plans make sense for many people and families because they are more affordable. Small house plans can be anything from a cottage, ranch style or even cabin or almost any other style home. If you choose these types of plans, you will save money and cost of material. It is also less expensive to build a small house than a large home.

Some small homes have two floors and come with or without a basement. Some more common small homes have crawlspaces for extra storage. Traditionally they have a room off the kitchen which you can place a washer and dryer. These house are frequently Cottage or Bungalow style.

More about small house plans

Some other small house plans consist of homes that keep the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms to the end of the house and the living room in its center. This gives more simplicity and also a sense of luxury to the house.

Small house plans are normally defined as houses with less than 1800 square feet, excluding a basement. These house are also space efficient and less expensive to build on a small plot of land.

Where to find small house plans

If you are interested in small house plans you should always look for the best deals on blueprints. Blueprints or plans are available from a variety of sources and at many different prices. Two of my favorites are and Plans from coolhouseplans have prices ranging from $585 for five sets of blueprints up to $1,175 for CAD files. If you are not familiar with CAD files, these are Computer Aided Drawing files, meaning that they provide all the information needed to build the house on CD-ROM and have blueprints that can be printed and as often as needed and in any quantity.

Materials for these homes are usually lower in cost since they don’t require as much wood or brick. Someone interested in small house plans can also look for a designer who can make custom blueprints with all the specific features you want. These custom plans may cost less then complete house blueprints or they may cost more – depending on the designer or architect. You can also find kits that come with plans where the home can be built in a few weeks or months.

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