Where are the Best Luxury Hotels in Uganda?

Where are the Best Luxury Hotels in Uganda?

Author: Twinomugisha Charles

Uganda being a landlocked country and with its bad record in late 1970th and early 80th, many people will not belief that there are many luxury hotels in such a country. But to assure you, Uganda is one of the countries that when you visit with you money, you may even forget to go back home. What ever makes a hotel a first class hotel is in Uganda? Uganda with its vast lake shores means that it has a chuck of land as beaches and many hotel like Speke Resort Munyonyo is one of such Hotels. Speke Resort is well built with a vast shore line on the shores of Lake Victoria and when you are there you may even forget that you are in Uganda.

Another hotel is Sheraton Hotel Kampala. This is one of the best International hotels in Africa. Situated on one of the Hills of Kampala, is an eye catching to every visitor to Uganda.Both traditional and International cuisines are served in these luxury hotels .Me as a teenager, I don’t see the reason why I cant visit one of these luxury hotels once in a while. You ask yourself “why others and not me”, I remember when I was still a student we went with my brother to Sheraton but after he told me that this hotel is just for rich people and I had to ask him whether he is rich. What he said was that, “once in a while, you should visit such a hotel and gauge yourself with the rich people.

One of the recent built hotel is Serena Hotel in Kampala. Let come what may, this is taken to be the most beautiful hotel in modern Uganda. Although it is situated in the middle of the city this does not compromise its services. As a frequent goer to Kampala hotels, I had to give it a test. If you talk to the locals in Kampala – they all tell you that the Serena is the best place in town. (In fact most people are saying that it is the best hotel in east Africa)

Granted it is expensive, but if you are looking to stay at one of the better Luxury hotels in Kampala – or indeed spoil yourself then Serena is a great choice

If it is out of your budget then it’s certainly a place you may want to visit for a drink one evening or even for a buffet lunch or dinner as its a lovely place to hang out .

Recommended: for visitors who want to enjoy the best views of the town, the superb location and all the luxuries this elegant Serena hotel has to offer, and for those who like modern architectural buildings.

If you are already in Uganda or you are planning to visit Uganda, don’t panic around with much worry, Ugandans are luxury lovers like you. And because of that, they are proud to give you a class above ordinary. Because of its good government, Ugandans are busy building new hotels for both foreign tourists and home market. So feel at home to visit Uganda and enjoy yourself in those luxury hotels

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Twinomugisha Charles is a Retired Tour and Travel Guide in Millennium Tours and Travel Company in Uganda and now works with E-Office Management a company that deals in Computers and Computer Accessories. More of his articles can be found at Luxury Hotels in Uganda and at Uganda Four Star Hotels Accommodation

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