How to Build an External Stair For a Raised Ground Floor

How to Build an External Stair For a Raised Ground Floor

An external staircase is used to access the raised ground floor. This floor is raised due to terrain or design. The steps are formed from the ground to the building floor. This stair is usually not a structural member. It is formed for access onto raised buildings, sloppy lawns and from embankments on a swimming pool deck. When forming the stair on heights greater than three feet, a balustrade should be erected. Various materials can be used to make this stair.

External stairs should also have a foundation. This will make it stand firm and not sink. This is because it is free standing. Finishing may be added depending on the desired effects. Most materials used include, concrete, stones, bricks, timber, steel sheets or tiles. The balustrades are constructed with steel or timber. The stair should end with a short landing. It is about a one and a half feet wide. It is done six inches below the floor slab.

The external stairs are measured from the concrete slab edge. The height from the soil to the slab gives the number of treads and risers. A foundation is dug and concreted. The width of the stair is two feet wide. A foundation wall is then erected for about two to three courses. The walls above the ground are then changed to medium dressed stones. The walls are stepped to form the stair. Hardcore is then added in between the walls if the height exceeds three feet.

The stones are laid raking backwards to the house. A stone is laid down first in a line. The next course starts nine inches from the end to form a step. This continues until the short landing is built. Below each course hardcore is poured and compacted. The balustrades are concreted from the ground upwards until they reach the house. Key pointing is fixed in between the joints to hold the stones together. Any desired finish is then laid over the stones for aesthetics.

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