How to Do Cost Planning During Construction

How to Do Cost Planning During Construction

Cost planning in construction is necessary since building a house is a very expensive thing to do and any mistakes can be very costly to the client. Its very important to know how to plan and to ensure that the building is suitable as far as the resources are concerned. All factors should be considered to ensure maximum value for your money. Its also important to note that a building should not cost more than what the client has budgeted for.

There are different methods of cost planning during construction which the client should be able to use for purposes of ensuring the budget is not overrun. These methods involve approximate estimation of the clients budget. One method involves looking at similar structures erected within the resent time frame since costs don’t differ very much within the same location. A developer should always consult on the prevalent costs before commencing building works.

The method of cost planning during construction we call comparative method involves taking similar structures done in recent past in the neighbor hood and making several adjustments. The adjustments involve size of the new building the client is undertaking. Other items to be considered include services like water, sewers or septic tanks, roads and also variations in prices of materials.

An example is price of one unit costing 12,500 dollars in a flat, 1500 dollars for three bedroom bungalow and 1800 dollars for maisonette can be used to estimate the cost of a proposed building of similar nature respectively. All the client needs to do is to check all variables like time , nature of building and location to arrive at a reasonable estimate on the cost planning during construction.

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