How to Select a House Design and the Factors to Consider

How to Select a House Design and the Factors to Consider

When a developer agrees that its possible to build, several factors to be considered when selecting a suitable house plan. This include the land location, the topography, whether it is level or sloping. On a sloppy terrain it would be advisable to use a basement. Basements will allow a new space to be created. This will reduce the waste of having a whole foundation the height of a house buried in the ground. This would be used to make up for the levels. On flat areas, usually the foundation depths into the soil is minimal.

Other factors to consider in a house design is the availability of resources. Since without funds it would be difficult to commence the project. Its also important to know that for the many rooms created, the higher the cost of construction. An economical design is one which will provide maximum usage of space. This will be for the amount of money to be used. A storeyed building is more cost effective since the roof and foundations utilized are the same as the one covering ground and other floors.

Also interesting to note is the shape when selecting a house design. Regular shapes like squares are more economical than rectangular or circular shapes. For a square room, the perimeter and area is same. For example, a four by four feet room and a two by six will have perimeter of sixteen but the area will be of twelve feet respectively. But also note that the situation on the ground is what determines the shape of the house. What is important always is the funds available and use of the house.

Another factor to consider is the number of rooms. More rooms are more economical in a house design than fewer rooms. A one bedroom bungalow’s cost could on average be more expensive than a three bedroom bungalow. This is because the three bedroom will not have three kitchens, three bathrooms and three stores. The three bedroom will have more occupants. This people will be using the same facilities like the bathroom and kitchen as in the one bedroom unit.

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