It’s the Era of Gated Residential Complexes. Bangalore Awakens!

It’s the Era of Gated Residential Complexes. Bangalore Awakens!

Author: Sunil Khattri

The growth of Information Technology has presented the city with unique challenges. Ideological clashes sometimes occur between the city’s IT moguls, who demand an improvement in the city’s infrastructure and the state government, whose electoral base is primarily the people in rural Karnataka. According to the investors in the Indian realty, most mid size developers, be it at the regional levels have taken over a lot of load. Most of the property developers, Bangalore confesses have got more projects than they can execute. There have been many investments in residential homes in Bangalore off late.

Hence it is imperative to choose the ones that have worthwhile amenities, comfort and security primarily. The more popular choice nowadays is gated residential apartments. Bangalore is welcoming this concept with open arms.

Given the option of cleaner air, sunlight, less dust and mosquitoes, better view, no noise, privacy, who would not go for exclusivity and “a premium lifestyle”? That’s exactly what the residential homes in Bangalore have in store for everyone and not just the extravagantly lavish folks. After all it’s not an investment but a lifestyle choice, and people do not readily part with it. Fulfilling the needs of this emerging breed of global professionals is Total Environment, with innovative approach be it hi-tech corporate campuses or for that matter gated residential complexes. Bangalore is slowly waking up and adapting to this new-found lifestyle.

Promoted by young professionals from the Architecture / Construction and Information Technology Industries; Total Environment addresses a wide spectrum of design and construction needs ranging from commercial blocks to corporate hubs to gated residential complexes. Bangalore couldn’t have asked for more. Their core philosophy is to integrate spaces with the outdoors and always endeavour to bring the outdoors in. From construction to woodwork, painting to flooring, they use their own skilled teams that hail from different parts of the country. Carpenters from Gujarat, floor and tile laying masons from Rajasthan, formwork and shuttering carpenters from West Bengal, steel barbenders from Bihar and steel fabricators from Maharashtra come together to create architectural wonders which can only be envied by the other property developers. Bangalore is indeed proud of this committed team of new-age craftsmen.

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