Top 5 Reasons To Build A Shipping Container Home

By: Hank Steele

Shipping container homes are the latest trend in eco-friendly building.  Since cargo containers are plentiful and cheap, there is no lack of good construction material to build your unique dream home.  But is a shipping container home the right choice for you?  Here is a list of five compelling reasons why you should consider a house made from shipping containers:

  1. Shipping container homes are environmentally friendly. By using reclaimed materials, you can build a comfy dwelling that does not use wasteful new building materials.  There are thousands of used shipping containers on the market due to their ubiquity in the freight industry.  Why not save a shipping container from being wasted, and instead use it for something useful?
  2. Shipping container homes are relatively cheap. A used shipping container can be purchased for only a few thousand dollars.  You can create a cozy cabin by using only one, or combine two for a larger dwelling.  There is some foundation work and customization that needs to be done in order to transform a freight container into a habitable space, but since shipping containers already come pre-shaped into rooms, this can be done quickly and inexpensively if you hire experienced professionals.  You can build a comfortable house for under $100,000 with the right modifications.  This is far less than a traditional house built from new materials.
  3. Shipping container homes make a unique statement. If you are looking for a truly original house a cargo container home is really the way to go.  There are some really interesting possibilities with shipping container architecture, so your new home is certain to have a unique look.  Building a house in this style tells your neighbors that you care about sustainable living, and the multiple possibilities for modification leave the look of your home entirely up to your imagination.
  4. You can build a shipping container home anywhere. Shipping containers are designed to be transported easily, so if you have some land, you can probably build your home project there.  Cargo containers can be loaded on to a train or truck and moved to wherever you are.  Modifications can be made on-site to create your dream home.  Some companies even specialize in shipping container architecture, and can make all of your required customizations at their site, and deliver a pre-fabricated home right to your lot.  All you need is a foundation, and you are ready to enjoy your new home.
  5. Shipping container homes are easy to modify. Cargo containers already come in a convenient box shape that makes them ideal for home building.  All you need is some creative metalwork, a few windows, and a floor finish and you’re ready to enjoy your home.  For more ambitious projects, multiple containers can be joined or stacked to create multi-room dwellings.  Many different types of buildings have been constructed out of shipping containers, including hotels, apartment buildings, art studios, and even a museum.  Creating a dream house designed to your specifications is releatively easy compared to these ambitious projects.

If these reasons convince you, you should research some <a href=””>shipping container vendors</a> to purchase your very own container and start your project.  You can then find some contractors to make your modifications, or do them yourself if you are skilled enough.  It won’t be long before you are enjoying your unique new living arrangement.

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