Why Shipping Container Houses are Better Choices Than Traditional Houses

By: Rosie Cubbin

New Trends in Home Building
The 21st century is seeing some new home designing and building ideas around the world. There is a new trend to make homes comfortable, eco-friendly as well as cost-effective. Alternative building materials such as used shipping containers provide a good opportunity to build such homes.

Low-cost Solution
There are several practical and pleasurable reasons to recycle shipping containers into lovable homes. Coping with the worldwide economic downturn of 2008 is one good reason. Containers are low-cost compared to traditional building materials.

They are available almost in every seaport in this planet and it’s only a mouse click away (i. e. eBay) to bargain a real deal. Seaport authority will feel great to make their space free of these surplus import wastes. Shipping containers pile up in seaports since taking them back to hometowns is very costly.

Varied Usability
Cargo Containers can be used to make any housing structures: single-family homes, apartments of choice size, multi-storey buildings, schools, community centers, and office spaces. They can also be used partially for flooring, roofing and in other parts of housing structures such as swimming pools.

Home building will take much less time if built using shipped cargo containers. These prefabricated structures will make house-building projects less time-consuming than traditional homes.

Containers will null the need of wood and other materials, which are becoming more and more precious and out of stock. The recycling of these steely frames will lessen the need to mine more materials. Thus building homes utilizing used containers is a green choice for environmentally conscious human beings.

Weather Resistant
Shipping containers are designed to withstand extreme weather in the open ocean, hence are strong enough to defy any natural and unnatural atmospheres. They are fire-proof, storm-resistant and flood-proof.

Energy Saving
Container architecture requires less electricity since no air-conditioners are needed to keep it cool in warm atmosphere. They are effective in cold areas also; since they lose less hit when kept closed.

Easy to Build
Designing cargo homes are comparatively simple. You just need to gather your own ideas and consult professionals who will help you design, develop and connect to other necessary services. However, you need to check whether the project conforms with the local building codes.

Container homes are not just an inexpensive place to sleep, but a place one can enjoy spending time and can live contentedly.

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