GREENVILLE ESTATE, MOMBASA ROAD, NAIROBI. Superior design that lets you Rent out the space you are not using in your home.



Superior design that lets you Rent out the space you are not using in your home.

3 Bed roomed [2 bedrooms ensuite] -KES 3,950,000[phase 1 only]. I Bedroomed Unit-KES 1,975,000.
The Maisonette has been designed to be easily converted into 2 separate one-bedroomed units, each unit on its own floor level [1st floor and Second floor. Ground Floor contains the car park].The purchasers of the 3 bedroomed maisonettes get two titles each for a 1 bedroomed unit. This will enable the maisonette purchasers to re-sell or mortgage 1 one-bedroomed unit in future when such need arises.

Greenville estate at Syokimau off Mombasa road has been designed by the firm of A4architect, Kenya to cater for a dynamic household.As time goes by, the family unit starts small, only requiring usage of 1 bedroom.
Later on, the need for an extra bed space arises once the family unit gets their first child. This also necessitates for a house help accommodation.

Greenville estate has been designed with this in mind and hence the initial unit which has one bedroom and one bed space on the Ground floor.

As time goes by, the financial ability of the occupants also increases. The family size also increases and hence a need for more space or more rental income.

The first floor rooms have been designed to be easily converted to:

[a] 2 No. Ensuite bedrooms

[b] 1 no. One bed roomed unit

[c] 2 No. Bedsitter units

It’s the prerogative of the owner to choose how they want to use the upstairs spaces.
This design aids to improve the quality of living for the owner in that the owner can have extra space for more bedrooms and hence more utility derived from the house or the owner can choose to rent out the first floor for an additional rental income.

Architectural Design

Ground Floor

Living Room

The main entrance is strategically positioned in an indented groove to offer privacy to the entry area.
The Living room overlooks the landscaped front lawn.
The living room has an area designated for an extra bed-space if need arises for such. This area can easily change back to the living room when not in use as an extra bed space.
The space under the staircase comes in handy to provide the much needed extra storage space in the living room.


The Kitchen has been designed to

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