Greenville estate located in Nairobi boasts of superior building finishes.
These finishes have been carefully selected by the Architects to ensure that they offer the best performance and value to home owners.


The front wall of Greenville Estate next to the external parking has hand-dressed masonry stone wall finished to a smooth texture.
The masonry walling on the first 3 stone courses from the ground floor is bush-dressed. This gives a unique pattern and also helps to prevent dust from making visible stains at the external wall bottom. This assists in making it easier to help maintain a clean external walling appearance hence lowering the cost of cleaning and maintaining the wall.

The upper part [after the first three courses] has smooth-dressed masonry walling. The stones have been carefully selected and stone color chosen-only the blue-gray stone has been used for this.

This stone is very hard hence offering a very long lasting walling that is completely water-proof. The stone also has a color and texture that is very appealing to the eye.
A small masonry extrusion at the end of each unit serves to demarcate each individual maisonette boundary and also increases the aesthetics by making the wall more interesting as opposed to being simple and plain.


The Greenville balcony railings have been specially designed with a combination of normal steel balustrade railing and 150mm wide wooden planks.

The planks are painted dark-green. These give Greenville estate a unique character. The steel railings prevent small children from falling off the balcony since they are spaced close to each other.


The windows have a 150mm wide plastered frame so as to articulate the window openings thereby resulting with a unique appearance exclusive to Greenville Estate only. This fame is painted the same color with the roof.


The external car park area, driveways and walkways have a machine-cut masonry stone finish. The 200mm thick machine – cut stone walling offers more strength than cabbro road works. This can support even the heaviest of Lorries without cracking hence will require no maintenance in the long run.
The stone paving also enhances the beauty of the estate since it gives out a natural feeling.

The parking space under each individual house has the masonry paving along the two car tracks.
This frees most of the ground floor surface so that greenery and natural ground is maintained.

Floor finishes.
The floor finishes are made of patterned high quality ceramic tiles with each room having its own unique pattern and color.


The roof material is natural clay roof tiling. This tiling has no added color thereby making it very safe for the rain water surface runoff to be harvested for consumption.
The clay roof tiles also long lasting and become more aesthetically appealing with age therefore the more the house grows old, the more beautiful it becomes.
The roof for each maisonette has been separated to as to demarcate the boundaries of house ownership. This enables the house owner to know their boundaries when fixing roof aerials or repairing .


Greenville Estate finishing materials have been carefully chosen to offer the building owners the best performance over time. These materials will require little or no maintenance hence saving on periodic costly regular building maintenance costs.

These materials also increase the value of the Greenville Estate home since they enhance the aesthetics, save on maintenance costs and offer convenience such as safe rain water harvesting among other factors.

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