The Greenville house plan has been designed by the firm of

The typical unit comprises of a 3 bedroom maisonette with ground floor housing the parking, first floor housing the lounge, kitchen and one bedroom and the second floor housing two ensuite bedrooms.
This unit has been specially designed such that the first floor lounge, kitchen and bedroom can be converted to a separate one-bed roomed unit and the second floor ensuite bedrooms can be converted into a separate one-bed roomed unit whereby the master bedroom becomes the lounge, the master bathroom becomes the kitchen and the other bedroom remains the same.
This unique ability to easily convert the 3 bed roomed maisonette into two separate 1 bed roomed units has several advantages.RE-SELL

High-Return Investment Plan.

The owner of the Greenville 3 bed roomed maisonette unit can easily re-sell the unit as two separate 1 bed roomed units in future. Property as an asset increases in value. Therefore, over time, the property value of the bulding wll have increased and the owner may want to capitalize on this. The owner can decide to either sell off one or both units or live in one unit and sell the other depending on their specific needs and requirements. This re-sell after the value of the property goes up makes alot of business sense to the owner .It is therefore a very solid investment plan for property speculators.

Urgent Financial requirement solutions.

The ability to re-sell a part of the house should give the Greenville house owner a great sense of financial security in case an urgent need for money comes up. Such occasions can be caused by many factors that are beyond human control such as sudden unprecedented medical costs after an accident.


The Greenville house plan also comes in handy when the owner of the 3 bed roomed maisonette requires collateral for a bank loan. The ability to hold two title deeds for each one bed roomed house within the maisonette assists the home owner greatly in that they can easily use the title to secure a loan from a bank without risk of losing a basic human need: shelter.

We all have heard of harrowing tales on how some home owners have been kicked out of their houses after auctioneers have been called in after home owners have defaulted on bank loans.

All these house owners initially borrow the money thinking that they will be able to comfortably repay it back but the eventuality is different. With the Grenville house plan, owners of the 3 bed roomed maisonette can rest assured that incase the unfortunate loan default happens, they can only loose half their house since they can use the one-bedroom house title as collateral and continue enjoying the un-encumbered title for the remaining one-bed roomed unit.


The Greenville house plan is useful in enabling the maisonette owner to rent out a one-bedroom unit as they continue to live in the other one –bed roomed unit.
The rent can be used to offset the monthly mortgage repayments or to subsidize on the daily living expenses.


Family unit sizes are dynamic in that they change over time. Currently, urban family sizes are becoming smaller with an average of two to three kids per family. The large five to seven average number of kids per urban family that was very common years ago is now slowly becoming extinct.

The basic unit starts with a single man or woman .The size increases as a spouse moves in with the other to make it two people. At this stage, a 1 bed roomed house is enough to cater for the space needs. Later on, kids are born into the family and this also attracts house helps hence the need for more than two bedrooms.
The kids grow and move out of the house at a later stage. The need for house-helps decreases. The family unit decreases in size and the family can now comfortably live in a one-bed roomed house.

The Greenville house plan assists the owner to make maximum use of space that they are not using. For example, when the family unit decreases after the kids have moved out, the home owners can easily sell off or rent the extra space created. This extra space becomes useful and adds to the financial kitty for the family.


The Greenville house plan designed by will enable many a Kenyan family obtain value from their home in terms of less risky collateral, added rental income and high-return investment after re-sell. The classic story of a family unit being evicted by auctioneers after using the home as collateral for a bank loan will hopefully be a thing for the past.
The Greenville house plan addresses these issues whereby the home owner can go home and rest assured [pun intended] that their investment is safe.

Francis Gichuhi Kamau B.Arch. U.o.N M.A.A.K[A]
Registered Architect.

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Architect Francis Gichuhi . B.Arch. University of Nairobi. Registered Architect, Kenya. Member, Architectural Association of Kenya. Contacts. email Telephone +254721410684


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    Do you have Greenville houses left, when can I see the site?

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    I have a slightly less than 100ft by 100 ft [say about 92ft by 100ft] in Kampala which i would like to develope slowly over time using the Nairobi type of houses concept i see around. Can you send me mail on expected costs of a plan

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    Would want 2 construct a 3bedroom house in nakuru from a staff housing loan,kindly advise how to approach.

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