The Haiti House Plan designed by offers the lowest cost available for construction of houses in Kenya.
This is due to the Haiti House© construction technology that uses a holistic approach in reduction of overall construction cost.
All main elements in a building, namely foundation, walling, roofing, windows and doors and finishes have been carefully designed and the lowest cost of construction for each element selected.
Use of this Haiti House© Plan methodology has achieved a major savings in terms of overall construction cost.


According to the Nairobi City Council planning department, construction cost per square meter is at KES 22,000 for a low to middle cost house. This means that the Haiti House© Plan house would cost KES 22,000X45m2=KES990, 000.
The same house constructed using the Haiti House© Plan technology will cost approximately KES 14,800X 45M2=KES 666,000.
This represents a KES 324,000 savings to the house owner. This is approximately 40% of savings.
COST OF Haiti House© PLANS
The cost of the Haiti House© Plan is derived from CAP 525 of the Laws of Kenya.
See a copy of CAP 525 here


The total estimated cost of constructing the Haiti House© is KES 666,000.
Fees breakdown as per CAP 525 of the Laws of Kenya is broken down as follows:

Inception- 0%- 0
Outline proposals-1%-6660
Scheme design- 1.5%-9990
Detailed Design- 2%-13320
Tender action to completion- 1.5%-9990

The Scheme design is valued at KES 9,990.

Other services such as Detailed design [KES 13,320], tender action and construction supervision [KES 9,990] are charged as shown above.
Site visits are charged depending on the site location from Nairobi CBD in tandem to the AA of Kenya transport rates.
After the scheme design stage, the next stages i.e. Detailed Design and Tender action to completion are necessary for the customer to benefit from the full consultancy service whereby the Haiti House© construction technology is used to further reduce the overall construction cost.


To realize the low construction costs as described in the Haiti House©, the procurement of construction services is recommended to be labor based. The house owner is advised to enter into contract with a local labor-based contractor who will supply labor only. The house owner then works with a nearby hardware shop who will then supply materials to the site as per the materials breakdown.
This method will save the house owner and will help reduce the cost of construction to a manageable level.


Payment can be through Mpesa , bank-to bank transfer, cheque or in cash.

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