Drainage And Waste Pipes

Drainage And Waste Pipes

General Industries Limited (GIL) began operations in 1972. It initially manufactured paper cones, composite cans and plastic items but later diversified to uPVC pipes in 1995. It has grown over the years with a marked growth after installation of computerised extrusion lines.

The main material used is UPVC. UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl Chloride) is a plastic material that originates from petroleum products.

Other than the drainage pipes and waste pipes, other pipes that it manufactures includes pressure pipes, conduit pipes, PPR pipes, HDPE pipes and electrical fittings.

The drainage pipes are used for residential, commercial and industrial drainage and sanitation purposes. The feature of the materials used to make the pipes include:

• Durability
• Easy handling and joining
• Leak proof
• Energy saving
• Self coloured
• Good strength to weight ratio
• Economical and cheap
• Rust, and UV radiation resistant
• Resistant to most chemicals

The sizes available are from 110 to 400mm.

The following is the guiding price range as at 2011.

Drainage Pipe Specification Price(KES)
Golden Brown,110mm PN 6 High Gauge 1725.00
Golden brown,160mm PN 6 High Gauge 4129.00
Golden brown,200mm PN 6 High Gauge(with round rings) 6325.00

The cheapest option of the material featured is the 110 mm drainage pipe, PN 6 High gauge because of the lower diameter thus its application for large projects are limited. The most expensive option however is the 200mm PN 6 Gauge with the round rings. The presence of the round rings makes it more expensive since it is faster and easier to join, not mentioning the wider diameters at 200mm.

Waste Pipes
The waste pipes on the other hand are mainly used for collection of rainwater from commercial and residential buildings. They are available from 1.25-6 inches in diameter and lengths of 4-6meteres. The prices as at 2011 are as follows:

Specifications Price (KES)
Grey,4 MTS,1.25” High Gauge 359.00
Grey,4 MTS,1.50” High Gauge 435.00
Grey,4MTS,2” High Gauge 577.00
Grey,4MTS,3” High Gauge 860.00

GIL seeks to continue making innovative products with the environment in mind and constantly upgrade their products and services by making maximum use of modern technologies and keeping customers’ satisfaction in the centre as captured in their mission statement.

General Industries Limited
Lusaka, Industrial Area,
PO Box – 41682, 00100
Nairobi, Kenya.
+254 (20) 556112 / 556390 / 558536
+254 (20) 556112, 556390
+254 (20) 558 533

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