The Diamond House Phase 0.25 is estimated to cost KES 80,000 excluding finishes such as plaster, paint and external works such as plumbing, septic tank, wiring e.t.c.

This is basically the cost of the foundation, walling, roof, doors and windows.See picture below-notice the elevated Phase 0.25 unit within the whole complete 3 bedroomed unit.

See the breakdown here


Substructures          18,400.00
Reinforced Concrete Frame                     –
Superstructure walling          22,494.40
Roof structure, covering, finishes and rainwater goods          19,464.00
Windows            4,720.00
Doors            6,552.00
External finishes                     –
Floor Finishes                     –
Wall Finishes                     –
Ceiling Finishes                     –
Sanitary Fittings                     –
Prime Cost and Provisional sums                     –
Sub Total        71,630.40
Technical Support            7,163.04
Total Estimate        78,793.44


The Diamond House Phase 0.25 is part of the larger 3 bedroomed Diamond House unit.

Within the complete 3 bed roomed unit, the Phase 0.25 is bedroom no.1.

The Phase 0.25 has a plinth area of 10m2. Depending on the budget or space requirement, this is a good starting point.


Once the Phase 0.25 is constructed, the house can continue to grow by addition of other phases. The next Phase ideally should be Phase 0.5 WHICH COMPRISES OF Kitchen, Living room and bathroom/toilet.

After this, Phase 2 comprises of a second bedroom. Afterwards, phase 3 can be constructed which comprises of bedroom number 3 which is the master bedroom ensuite with its own bathroom.

This completes the phases to make the complete Diamond house. If the land is a 1/8th acre plot, a second 3 bed roomed unit can be constructed within the same plot.


The Diamond House Phase 0.25 can be constructed to be used as a store as the main house is being constructed. It can also be constructed as a stand-alone phase complete in its own phase e.g. at the backyard to be used as a small office, store or guest room.


The Diamond house can be constructed with any available materials. The estimated cost of KES 80,000 has been done using iron sheet roofing, interlocking stabilized soil block walling and masonry foundation.

The same estimate can be achieved using machine –cut masonry walling. Preference to interlocking stabilized soil block is due to the fact that internal cement plaster and paint can be completely omitted.


The KES 80,000 estimated cost is without finishes such as wall plaster,paint, ceilings and floor tiles.

The are additional costs that can be added to the house by the owner over time depending on their budget and aesthetic requirements.


The Diamond House Phase 0.25 cost estimates have been calculated using the Diamond House technology. This Diamond House technology utilizes masonry foundation and unique roof design so as to reduce the costs associated with reinforced concrete works.

Architect Francis Gichuhi Kamau



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  4 comments for “DIAMOND HOUSE PHASE 0.25. COST:KES 80,000.

  1. Ben Kamau
    January 10, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    Cn this same method be used when constructing a flat with several units i.e. one unit at a time?

    • January 10, 2012 at 5:06 pm

      it depends. Call me for further clarification. 0721410684.

  2. Margaret Muriuki
    January 18, 2012 at 8:38 am

    whats the mode of payment, and do i pay the whole amount (80,000) at once or first a deposit? what is my security to be sure i will get the promised product and is there guarantee that the building will last? also are there other houses out there you have built that i can go and see?

  3. January 18, 2012 at 9:43 am

    Hi Margaret,
    Construction industry works as follows:
    1.Client consults architect and design team for designs and drawings.
    2.Client contracts services of building contractor to implement architect’s drawings.
    We offer Architectural services. You will require to contract the services of a building contractor to implement our architectural drawings.
    Mode of Payment.
    You will pay for architectural services as per CAP 525 of the laws of Kenya. See details on http://www.a4architect.com.
    You will pay building contractor as per agreement between contractor and you,based on the Joint Building Council A.A.K contract-purchased at A.A.K headquarters, Professional Centre, Nairobi.
    The KES 80,000 is an estimate for constr.uction of such a house with the dimensions and specifications given. The design and Bills of Quantities of the house will be given out to Building contractors to quote for construction works. The quotations can be higher or lower than the estimated costs depending on the site, prevailing market prices,e.t.c
    Your guarantee is based on the JBC Contract-a 6 month Defects Liability Period is stipulated for construction works. A further Guarantee is based on you employing qualified personnel to design and construct the building.
    For Houses we have designed in the past, see here
    and here
    and here

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