Basics of 3D Architectural Rendering and 3D Architectural Animation

Basics of 3D Architectural Rendering and 3D Architectural Animation

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Basics of 3D Architectural Rendering and 3D Architectural Animation.

Architectural rendering is the process of preparing and displaying proposed design of an object or structure in order to help the designer visualize and construct it. It can be a product, machine, small structure, residential home or commercial facility. In the past the architects or product designers would just prepare hand-drawn sketches of the various sections of the building or product components. This method was quite inefficient since it was almost impossible to compare the constructed unit with what you had initially dreamed of.

Today, Computer Aided Design (CAD) based architectural techniques have changed the game for architects and designers. It’s now possible for you to virtually see the proposed design in complete 3D environment during conceptualization phase without waiting for its construction. With the advent of multimedia presentation tools such as 3D Max, Maya, Blender, etc, it is now possible to apply color and expressions to your building or object in order to test different permutations and combinations. In this way you can get a definite idea and suggest some changes to make it as desired (Free 3d models).

CAD based 3D Architectural Rendering helps you in the initial phases of design and planning of the project and removes the time consuming manual processes of preparing drawings which often results in erroneous and inefficient construction. 3D Architectural rendered images and Free 3d models can be used for design calculations, real-time visualization and sales presentation.

3D animation is a more advanced graphical presentation technique that produces graphics like fly-throughs, 3D tours, walk throughs, cartoon films, TV commercials and website design. 3D animations generate tremendous interest compare to 2D graphics and are very useful in real life applications.

3D animations are generated based on a design concept or theme. This theme is further explored and experimented using design details and its communication flow called storyboards. Based on this flow animators prepare the character or object design to develop basic frames. All the characters and objects involved in the project are called 3D models that are stored in the computer as data file. You can pull out relevant information needed to view or render 3D model any time and modify as per design requirements.

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