History Of Online Building Plan Approval Portals: Another 1st I.T. Solution From Africa.

History Of Online Building Plan Approval Portals: Another 1st I.T. Solution From Africa.
The most notable 1st IT solution from Africa is the Mobile phone payments solution, most notably Mpesa. Apart from Mpesa, another solution that enables building plan approvals to be done online originates from Kenya in Africa.
The original idea that it could be possible for Building plans application to be carried out online was borne by Nairobi –based Kenyan Architect Francis Gichuhi Kamau of www.a4architect.com.
The architect, who was in the process of coming up with such a portal, divulged the information to the World Bank’s Doing Business team in February 2008.
The World Bank went ahead and hired Computer Programmers to come up with the portal and implemented it at Nairobi City Council at a cost of USD 200,000.

Architect Francis Gichuhi developed his idea further to come up with a better solution http://www.a4architect.com/submit-drawings/
Countries and Cities who would like to implement online building approval methods and Environmental Control within their Local Governments are encouraged to contact/partner with www.a4architect.com for a homegrown solution.

Other notable entrants after the first idea mooted in 2008 are countries who are active members of the World Bank.

These are:
India-Combatore ,Pune City Municipal councils.
Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur City Municipal Council
United Kingdom.
In Africa, the World Bank has announced that it is already in talks with the City of Kigali,Rwanda, and Lusaka ,Zambia to implement the same.

The spread of this idea to other countries is commended due to the many advantages that this online building plan approval offers to the world as a whole, including reducing the Carbon footprint. To increase this reach further, Architect Francis Gichuhi of www.a4architect.com offers consulting services to Countries and Cities who would like to implement this online plan approval method.

Once again, Kenya and Africa feels proud to be the originator of online building plans approval method. It is an honor to offer to the whole world including Developed 1st world nations a new idea and method of carrying out building plans approval using the internet.

Architect Francis Gichuhi Kamau.

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