What is 3D Architectural Rendering? 4 Types of 3D Architectural Rendering

What is 3D Architectural Rendering? 4 Types of 3D Architectural Rendering
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To develop accurate building with proper interior designs is not an easy task. This process has to pass various phases. 3D Architectural Rendering is the most popular technology being used widely by architects for better interior designs. First of all main question is what is 3D Architectural Rendering? It is art of creating 3 Dimensional images or views to show attribute of proposed architectural design. It allows user to visualize future building designs on computers. Imaginations have no ends and 3D architectural rendering allow you to imagine your interior, exterior, floor plan and product designs in many ways.

At the present time traditional 3D architectural rendering provides virtual reality for proposed building and generate quick outputs and results with maximum accuracy as latest software like AutoCAD is available. Many architectural firms are providing product rendering to show 3D views of products. All architectural studios are using this technology to attract clients, builders and contractors. Just get more about it’s various types described below:

3D Interior Rendering:

3D Interior Rendering is most famous technology among interior designing firms as it determines their success in architectural industry. Using this technology interior designers create 3D interior models for better outputs. These 3D models contain each and every detail of interior like furniture, textures, wall color, lighting, wood paneling and wall papers. It provides you complete idea of how your interior will look from different angles. It used in variety of buildings like residences, offices, shopping malls, hospitals and universities.

3D Exterior Rendering:

Exterior look of building is also an important part and that must be evaluated with accuracy. It this process architects create 3D exterior models which includes complete ideas of external lighting, wall colors, shades, tree arrangements, parking, landscape and pools. Exterior models allow you to change these arrangements as per your requirements.

3D Floor Plan Rendering:

You must have to select floor designs that better suits with your interior. Once floor design is constructed then it makes high cost to change it. So to avoid this problem architects have introduced 3D Floor Plan Designs. Using this technique you can choose proper flooring design in manner of color that best suitable with other interiors.

3D Product Rendering:

It is used to create 3D views for products and at modern time various business firms are using this technique to promote their business. You can attract more customers by using 3D Product Models.

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