Norman Foster’s City of the Future: Sustainable, zero-waste and car-free

Norman Foster is one of the most respected architectural professionals in the world. With his ambitious goals in high tech architecture, he gave Great Britain and the entire world numerous architectural wonders.

He is mostly renowned for having designed the famous Hearst Tower in New York City, the Gherkin in England and the Hong Kong International Airport in faraway Asia as well as. His portfolio is proof of well over 40 years of experience and high architectural professionalism.

His true passion for sustainable architecture and the “green” field is proven through his next project, which is the creation of the world’s first carbon neutral city, called Masdar City (Abu Dhabi UAE).
The City of the Future. Walled in & zero carbon, zero-waste management rule

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The city (also called the “walled in city”), will feature and have implemented all the renewable energy and sustainable architecture/technology patterns. It will become a dynamic technology cluster, spanning over 6km2 (or 2.3 sq. miles), and which will house around 40,000 citizens and of course numerous businesses.

This is the city of the future, which will not pollute, will create its own energy, and will stay clean and self-sufficient.

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Moreover, when this dream project will come true, Abu Dhabi will become a global centre of excellence in regards to sustainability, innovation, and knowledge – the famous Masdar Institute of Science and Technology already operates in the dream city, where programs like Mechanical Engineering, Water and Environmental Engineering or Microsystems are regarded some of the world’s leading academic study programs in sustainable technology and alternative energy.

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