Easiest method to own land and property in Kenya. Sectional land ownership.


Easiest method to own land and property in Kenya.

Sectional land ownership.

Land prices are on the rise in Kenya. An eight of an acre in parts of Kitengela, Ongata Rongai and Syokimau is now selling at KES 1.5m.

This price has put many Kenyans off from acquiring such property. Sectional ownership of land comes in to offer solutions.

Land size.

An eight of an acre if well designed can accommodate 2 or 3 houses within it.

Many housing estates along Mombasa road Mlolongo area offer houses for sale which sit on let than  a sixteenth of an acre. These sell for KES 7 to KES 10m per unit.

Other housing estates are selling units on flats. Units above the ground floor can not access the ground space hence have zero compound. Such units sell fro a minimum of KES 4m and are on high demand.

This clearly shows that location is more important than outdoor compound space.

When an eighth of an acre is shared between 2 or 3 houses, the compound space is approximately equal to the space offered within the numerous housing estates on sale around Nairobi for millions of shillings.

Eighth acre dimensions.

Most plot dimensions for an eighth of an acre plots are not exactly the same. The average size of the eighth acre plots is 50 feet by 100 feet.  In actual size, the plots exact dimensions will differ slightly e.g.  can be 49 feet by 101 feet .

Boundary demarcations.

When sharing the eighth acre plot between 2 to 3 people, the slight difference is very crucial since the spaces are tight. If a neighbor erroneously encroaches into the other by a few feet, the other house will be too squeezed for comfort. If a neighbor encroaches into another neighbor by a few feet, services such as septic tank and car parking might not fit.

To ensure such incidences do not arise, the architectural design that includes the master plan on how all the 2 or 3 houses shall fit within the plot becomes a very useful tool. The design is optimized to ensure the best use of space so that all the 2 or 3 houses fit well and make use of the available space to the maximum.


In other plots larger than eighth of an acre, the plot boundaries are fixed using the survey plans. Disputes are resolved through the survey plan documentations held within the Ministry of Lands.

In sectional ownership of land, the boundary disputes will be resolved using the approved architectural plan that describes the boundary extent of the 2 or 3 owners.

How it works.


  • The 2 or 3 people consult www.a4architect.com for the master plan layout that demarcates the boundaries of the eight acre .  The 2 or 3 people can either come physically to www.a4architect.com offices or send the deed plan or survey plan to www.a4rchitect.com by email.
  • www.a4architect.com prepares the architectural design comprising of 2 or 3 houses  that can be taken for approval within the relevant Local Authority. This can be emailed to the 2 or 3 people or obtained physically by visiting the a4arcitect offices.


  • Payments for the architectural design are charged as per below breakdown. Payments can be through cash, cheque or Mpesa. The 2 or 3 people can either choose to apply for approvals from the Local Authority or have www.a4rchitect.com apply and follow up the approval process on their behalf.
Options to Choose from| Total fees. 2 partners:each partner contribution|KES 3 partners:each partner contribution|KES
Option 1 Architectural   fee |a4architect submits aplication and follows it up till approval.




Option 2 Architectural fee|Partial|Owners submit application to council.







  • The 2 of 3 people can now register a Limited Liability company that buys the land and within the company articles of association, describe how to share the property as per the architectural drawings that describe how each will build his property and what extent his portion will be.
    • They can then buy the land, use the approved plans as legal documentation to demarcate their boundaries and construct their 2 or 3 homes as per the Local Authority approval specifications.


Architect Francis Gichuhi kamau.




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