Wealth in any Nation is created when factors of production, namely, Land, Capital and Labour are used to efficiency.

Sectional ownership of land enables unlocking of land as a factor of production to a majority of the population.

For effective wealth production to take place, energy is needed as a secondary factor of production.

In Summary.

  • Primary factors of production that enable creation of wealth are Land,Capital land Labour.
  • In Kenya,land price is very high hence a need for the sectional land ownership method to enable acquisition of land hence increase in productivity.This can provide  solutions as a current measure. Other factors of production will require a future intervention.
  • The other factors, Capital and Labour and Energy can be acquired in future through employment of critical thought processes.


The world receives its energy from the sun. When the sun shines, plant through the process of photosynthesis turn sun’s energy into plant material. This plant material is then consumed by humans and other animals.

After plants and animals die, their deposits form oil over many millions of ears. This oil then drives our economies.

The most efficient method of using the sun’s energy is through solar panels. These have no moveable parts hence less wastage of energy.

By virtue of Africa and Kenya lying within the equator, it receives maximum solar energy compared to other continents.


Solar panel manufacturing through the doping of silicon as a semiconductor is expensive. Africa through the poor leverage and representation in the world’s monetary bodies can not access the capital needed to buy the solar panels.

Solution to affordability of Solar panels-THE FUTURE.

The BRICS, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have led the way into ensuring the world’s monetary policies are fair. All world currencies are pegged on the US Dollar. Before the early 1970s, the US dollar was pegged to Gold, hence a logical monetary policy. The current situation has the worlds currency pegged to the US Dollar  without any Gold backing.

Already, the BRICS are in plans to come up with a global bank that rivals the World bank/IMF.


Already, India and China are in talks with Iran to use Gold for purchase of Iranian oil.

It’s only a matter of time before African nations that can be able to marshal superior economic think-tanks also follow suit and start trading their produce based on Gold as opposed to the US Dollar.

Africa  again starts with a head start if the world uptakes Gold as currency. Africa has more Gold deposits than the other continents.

South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, DRC Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Niger, Ethiopia, Senegal, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Algeria and Zambia have Gold deposits.

The use of Gold to enable obtaining of solar panels in Africa will unlock the sun’s energy to enable wealth creation in gigantic proportions.

As mentioned earlier, factors of production i.e. LAND , Capital and Labor to enable wealth creation will be unlocked. The Capital from Gold will enable acquisition of labor in terms of solar power production which will unlock energy to enable investment on land.

Land as a factor of production.

In most countries colonized by the British Empire, land was alienated from the inhabitants and owned by the colonists. After the colonists left in the 1960s, land was left within the hands of a few Africans while a large majority was left landless.

Land is the most important factor of production since without land, labor and capital cannot operate/function. We need land to live in, produce food, and operate industries and transport. Basically, land is utilized for all functions of life.

When a large percentage of Africans are left landless, they pay a very heavy price to the land lord to enable them live. The price is in terms of house rent, farm rent, office rent, and building purchase.


Scarcity of Land in Kenya.

By 1922, the British Empire owned ¼ of the earth’s surface.


The Arab world,Iraq,Egypt and India gained their independence in the 1920s. East Africa in the 1960s and Zimbabwe in 1980.

The return of land to the Africans by the British Empire was skewed in such a manner that most Africans were left landless.

The few land owners in Kenya have gained excessive wealth through renting and selling the land to the majority population. Since land is like air in that humans cannot exist without it, the demand has become very high. Since it’s controlled by a few , the availability has become very scarce.

Solutions to scarcity of land in Kenya.


Methods to rectify this anomaly without civil wars are implementation of Land Value Tax or idle land tax.

This taxes the land owners who keep their lands idle, hence denying other Kenyans an opportunity to use the land to farm or live in.

Since land is not man-made-i.e. it was created by God for all to use, idle land tax will force the owners of land to utilize their lands for farming, residential use, manufacturing and other uses.  In the process, they will increase their wealth while also enabling the majority landless to get job opportunities to increase their wealth, feed and house themselves.


Solutions such as idle land taxation will come into play when the will of Kenyan politics will allow. As for now, the only method for Kenyans to utilize the factor of production called land is to share the affordable 1/8th acre plots  through sectional land ownership.

How sectional land ownership works.

In this method, 2 or 3 people identify a 1/8th acre land for sale.

They approach for architectural floor plans that will serve to enable the 2 or 3 people demarcate their boundaries and conform to local authority bye laws.

The 2 or 3 people register a company with 2 or 3 shares.

The company buys the land then they can each build their house and live harmoniously together.

Boundary disputes will be resolved through the architectural plan that forms part of the contract in the articles of association of the company that owns the land title.

This way, a majority of Kenyans will be able to access land as a factor of production. With this, they can easily utilize capital and labor to make more wealth.

With the ability to afford land through sectional method, Kenyans can be able to unlock production. They can afford to live near their work place, commence small scale industries and above all, afford shelter -all these and many more factors eventually create an environment favorable for production hence creation of individual and collective wealth.
All one needs to do is visit then post a request for partnership on a 1/8th land. Describe the area you would like to purchase your land. Another interested person will see this and respond to enable you form the much needed partnership.

Architect Francis Gichuhi Kamau.



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