84 units have been conceptualized. To increase the greenery footprint, the following will be incorporated in the design.

1. Underground car park.

The plinth area below the ground floor will be designed into an underground car park. To save on light and ventilation costs, the underground car park will be raised 1 m above the ground level so as to allow for natural light and ventilation.

2. Roof garden.

The green plinth area occupied by the built up space will be replaced by a roof garden of the same plinth area size.

3. Wall planters.

The architectural design will strive to achieve approximately 40% of wall surface to be covered by green plant material designed into an aesthetically appealing pattern.

This will increase the green foliage cover and reduce the concrete jungle feel, thereby increasing project value.
A 200m2 ground floor useable space, including the car park will be achieved in the design.


The typical 1/8th plot has a surface area of approx. 430m2. A typical residence within such a plot will occupy the ground surface by approx. 130m2. This leaves out a total green space of 300m2.

In this project, we have designed the unit to incorporate 200m2 of useable ground level space plus a further 50m2 of roof top green garden , bringing the total green space to approx. 250m2. This is close to the available space achieved by the typical 1/8th acre plots. The actual space offered is 1/16th acre while the output green space offered is close to the effective space achieved on a 1/8th acre space.

By utilizing a slender, vertical space with 3 to 4 levels, including underground parking, we are able to offer the house occupants with green surface area nearly equivalent to space offered by 1/8th acre plots yet the overall space is actually 1/16th acre.

Francis Gichuhi Kamau, Architect.

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