Shops on a 60 ft by 60ft plot at Embakasi.

A 60 ft by 60ft plot can fit a maximum of 8 large 5m by 5m shops per floor.
The cost per floor for this, assuming Embakasi falls within middle class type of buildings, will be kes 25,000 per m2.
This translates to kes 25,000 x 230m2 = kes 5.75m per floor.
Since Embakasi area has a height restriction due to the flight path, the maximum number of floors possible is 2.This brings the total cost to kes 11.5m.
Shop rent.
Assuming a modest rent of kes 10,000 per shop, this will be kes 10,000 x 8 shops x 2=kes 160,000.

Return on Investment.
The return on investment will be kes 11.5m/kes 160,000/12= 5.99 years.
This is a very good return considering majority of construction projects return between the 10th and 12th year.

Consultancy fees is at 6% of the total estimated cost as shown here.

Francis Gichuhi Kamau, Architect.

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