0ctober 2006. Email between Obama aide Mark Lippert, and a4architect on US investors to Kenya.

In October 2006, while President Obama was still a US Senator, an American business associate, Mr Ian Houston, suggested to me that since Chicago has the largest hoteliers in US and is represented by Senator Obama who has Kenyan roots, it could be an easy connection between the American hotel investors and Kenya.

I wrote an email to his aide at the time, Mr Mark Lupert.

This is how the deal went.

3 years later, the then Senator Obama was elected 44th President of the USA and commenced office in January 2009.

Its a pleasure for me to have had to contact and communicate with a Senator who later on 3 years later turned to become a 2 term president in USA.

Its now 7 years since. President Obama is currently in Africa to seek the same connections that i had unsuccessfully tried to create .
The investment opportunities to American hoteliers are still welcome.

We are now 7 years older with experience. We can now deal with more experience.

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