Building your house loan free in Kenya. The a4architect house plan.

Building your house loan free in Kenya. The a4architect house plan.

The best way to be able to construct your house in Kenya without the huge bank loans is through pooling resources together.
Plots close to tarmac roads where it’s convenient to live and be able to go to work daily are quite expensive. They range from a minimum of kes 1m per 1/8th for plots over 1 km from main road to 3m per 1/8th for plots close to main roads.

Lack of infrastructure.

Unfortunately, since the costs are prohibitive to many working Kenyans, they are forced to buy land in far inaccessible areas such as Joska, Kantafu, Rangau, Isinnya, Juja farm and hope that one day, the Government will lay infrastructure such as schools, police stations and tarmac roads so that the areas can be inhabitable.

They then opt to rent houses closer to the road where it’s safer and amenities such as schools are easily accessible.

Financial Loss due to buying unusable land.

The land that they have bought will on average cost anywhere between kes 400,000 to 1.5million.
This amount of money is quite huge for it to be used on purchasing land that is not being used due to inaccessibility.

One could say that the land purchased will one day in future have a developed neighborhood .

In reality, the best investments are the ones that can be able to give returns immediately.


For the same amount of money that goes to buy land that cannot be livable due to distance from main road, insecurity, lack of water and electricity and sometimes even no network coverage, has come up with a quick fix solution that enables one to own a home or rental unit that will immediately begin to add value in terms of comfortability and rental income.

Cost of expensive land divided by 12.

The design is such that within the 1/8th acre plot, 12 spacious, 20m2 plinth area size bedsitters fit within the compound on the same level.

This means that the cost of obtaining the expensive land near main road is divided by 12.

The 1m land will now cost 83,000, the 2m land will cost 170,000 and the 3m land will cost kes 250,000 to obtain for construction purposes.

Immediate gains.

A bedsitter in such a location can now be able to earn you good rent or house you in a safe place near the road where its more convenient for you to move to and from work.

Cost of house compared to cost of inaccessible land.

With the same cost of an average plot in an inaccessible area such as Rangau, Kiserian Pipeline, Joska, Kamulu, Isinya,Juja farm, you will be able to build a spacious bedsitter in a very good neighborhood such as Rongai town, Kitengela Milimani area, Athi River, Syokiamu etc.

This is good value for your money compared to buying land that you can’t be able to live in till after 10 or more years.

Spacious design.

The design of the bedsitter is such that if you decide to purchase 2 bedsitters next to each other, they can be easily joined to form a 1 bedroomed unit.

If you decide to buy 3 bedsitters next to each other, they easily make a 2 bedroomed unit.

The interior of the bedsitter has also been optimized to give space and increase privacy.

If the bed is placed at the farthest end and a curtain introduced, the bedsitter unit will have the same privacy level as a 1 bedroomed unit. Visitors to the bedsitter will only interact with the living room and open kitchen area without interfering with the bed space area.

See the bedsitter floor pan and furniture arrangement below.

Curtain to separate bed space area.

If a curtain is introduced across the room after the bed space, it effectively creates the unit from a bedsitter to a 1 bedroomed in terms of privacy levels.

A young family can now live in the unit comfortably as they wait for the finances to grow and the family size to increase.

Future growth.

The design is such that 4 other floors can be stacked vertically up in future.
The 12 shareholders can come up with a majority decision to construct vertically upwards within the confines of the sectional property act law.

To learn more and join this investment plan, visit or email

Francis Gichuhi Kamau, Architect.

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    I did not see the plan of the house that you described

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    How can i connect with such investment groups? And currently which areas are now cheap and good to build house near a tarmac and all social amenities?

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