Concrete formwork scaffolding in Kenya.

Concrete formwork scaffolding in Kenya.

Form-work and scaffolding in Kenya has rapidly evolved over the last 5 to 10 years from timber to steel.

Previously, wooden trappers were used for the slab bottom. Softwood timber was used for the beams and columns and timber poles used for the scaffolding. These are still being used for smaller projects.

For larger projects, steel panel and steel scaffolding have come into play.

High Demand in Nairobi.

The market is still ripe for specialized form-work and scaffolding contractors to come in. Currently, contractors have to make do with small time form-work and scaffolding businesses which hire these out.
Compared to South Africa, which has many large scale specialized form-work suppliers, there is a huge demand for this business currently in Nairobi, Kenya.

New architectural designs.

New architectural designs are now coming in very interesting shapes. To achieve this, the architects need to ensure that the concrete form-work is done by specialized form-work suppliers.

Zaha Hadid.

My favorite Architect, Zaha Hadid, who is Iraqi, is re-known for her curvilinear designs.

Several of her projects have been formworked and scaffolded by Peri Engineering.

New Opportunity for Kenyan Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs should take this opportunity and become the pioneers of form-work and scaffolding business in Kenya. Same to specialized roof truss works which also don’t have players here in Kenya.

As Kenyan construction industry grows into international level, the demand for these suppliers will eventually rise.
Economies such as South Africa with active form-work and scaffolding suppliers will come in as local entrepreneurs learn the ropes to offer competition.

Ready Mix concrete example.

A few years ago, concrete was mostly mixed on site.
Currently, in Nairobi, pre mix concrete business has now become huge.
Previously, only a handful of contractors had the pre mix concrete lorries.
Currently, entrepreneurs have now specialized in supplying pre mix concrete as a full time business.

Its my hope that this article will inspire an entrepreneurial mind into this business so as to better the Kenyan construction industry and all Kenyans in general.

Francis Gichuhi Kamau, Architect.

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  1. June 17, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    Hello Francis, great article. I love Architect Zara Hadid MAXXI project in Rome. I had the chance to visit it and I found the structure both so modern and welcoming that I think it can fulfill different tastes.
    Concrete formwork scaffoldings are just so actual in the building field!

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