Intelligent Smart Houses.

Intelligent Smart Houses.

Smart houses are houses that have incorporated electrical automation .
Main automation features are
2. Security cameras, Video and Audio systems, fire protection.
3. Heating and cooling systems
4. Doors and windows.
5. Lighting.
6. Energy saving.
7. Architectural features such as pools, furniture, etc

Curtains and Blinds.
These can be set such that they can be opened and closed from a mobile phone device. This helps in security such that when the house is empty, potential burglars will see open curtains that close in the evening, hence thwarting burglar attacks.
Curtains and blinds can be set such that they allow sunshine till a particular temperature is reached, then they close and insulate the house.
Security cameras, Video and Audio systems.
The TVs, radios and music/video players can be controlled from a mobile phone device. The volume for each particular room can also be controlled separately.
Security cameras can be vied from mobile phone devices or on the internet.
In case of break ins, the security cameras can sense and contact the police or security service providers remotely.
Heating and Cooling systems.
Heating and cooling systems can be operated from mobile phone devices and heat increased or reduced per each room depending on the occupants requirements. Each room can have its own heat settings.

Doors and Windows.
These can be operated remotely and access granted through finger print technology or through mobile phone devices.
The garage doors and main entrance gate can be remotely controlled to open and close.

Lights can have the intensity regulated to the required ambience. Lights can be switched on and off using mobile phones or the internet. Lights can be set to go on and off at particular pre set times.
Energy saving.
Solar power can be introduced and devises set up such that they go on and off only when in use.

Architectural features.
Swimming pools within the house compound can be controlled such that when the area should be used as hard ground surface, the swimming pool converts into hard ground by introducing a hard surface over the pool at the touch of a button.
Other furniture such as beds and tables can be designed to seamlessly integrate into walls in case of more space required.
Francis Gichuhi Kamau, Architect.

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