Real Estate investment in Kenya

Invest in 3 options.
1.Contribution of KES 590,000 with monthly income of KES 4,800
2.Contribution of KES 780,000 with monthly income of KES 6,300
3.Contribution of KES 860,000 with monthly income of KES 7,000.
12 Bedsitter units in a 1/8th acre plot.
Each Bedsitter unit represents 1 share in a Limited Liability Company.
Click here for more on the costs and profits breakdown info.

Stand to gain from the 20% annual capital gains from property in Kenya.
How it Works.

Click here for more info on how the investment plan works out.

How the shares are devided.
Example at below link using the KES 780,000 option.

Click here for more info on how the 12 shares per 1/8th plot are subdivided.

Payment Procedures.

Click here for more info on the payment and decision making procedures.
For personalized own homes, click here to view ideas on designs and cost estimates.

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