Futuristic designs.

Futuristic designs.
Judging from the design change in phones and computers, building designs should also take cue .
The Android phone has overtaken Symbian operating system due to its vast capabilities of change due to the numerous Apps.
Android apps are now close to 1 million in number.
The recent slowdown in Nokia sales can be attributed to their use of the more rigid Symbian operating system that does not give uses the much needed adaptability.
Content management systems such as wordpress also are last growing compared to their competitors e.g. drupal due to their large app/plug in depository.
Therefore, judging from this trend, the more apps/plugin there are, the more customers there will be.


Current building construction technology is quite rigid. Once a house is built, its not easy to change the room sizes, door sizes, window sizes, roof shape etc.
Over the years, architects will have to design buildings that give the users more options.


With the smart glass technology, it’s now possible for users to change the opaque/transparentness of glass just by the tough of a button. This option can be included in smart house design.


Roof angle can be designed such that at the touch of a button, the roof can change to flat roof, ensuring and creating a roof top balcony.
Such retractable surfaces can also be used to cover swimming pools so that the swimming pool surface can be used as solid ground at the touch of a button.


Two rooms can be easily joined together/separated by the touch of a button whereby the separating wall turns and folds into wall cabinets.
Balconies can be designed to easily change into solid wall facades if the house users require this, all by the touch of a button.


Furniture can also be retractable into walls at the touch of a button.

Building facades.

Building facades can be designed to be easily changed just as mobile phone faces. This can be at the touch of a button. Textures that are respondent to change of color at the touch of a button can be used for the external surfaces. Currently, we have luxury range of cars that can easily change exterior color.



The more adaptability features the future smart house will have, the more will be its demand. Entrepreneurs will innovate custom made adaptability features e.g. exterior paints, swimming pools, glass, roofs and furniture so as to meet demand.

Francis Gichuhi Kamau, Architect.

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