Month: December 2013

Scaffolding in Kenyan construction sites.

Scaffolding in Kenyan construction sites. 1. How big is the demand for quality metal scaffolding both in Nairobi and the other counties? Demand is huge. All parts of the country from Nairobi to Kisumu,Nakuru,Mombasa,Meru, Nyeri are having huge multi storey constructions at the moment. World reknown architects such as Zaha Hadid depend heavily on specialist scaffolding experts to come up… Read more →

2013 Kenya Real Estate summary. What to expect in 2014.

We are now at the last day of 2013. Several changes took place within the construction and Real Estate world in Kenya during 2013 . 2014 will also follow suit with these changes as Kenya defines itself after 50 years of independence. 1. County government system. With this new county government system, approval of building plans was rearranged. In Nairobi,… Read more →