Container Partitioning Costs.

  Transport   0           120,000.00                            –
  Electricity for the works   0              5,000.00                            –
  Used  40 foot HQ container   0                       –                            –
  Total for Preliminaries                                  –  
  Carefully cut existing steel container wall to create window opening size 800 x 1200mm 6              4,500.00                 27,000.00
  Carefully cut existing steel container wall to create door opening size 800 x 2100mm 5              6,000.00                 30,000.00
  Total Walling                      57,000.00
  Supply assemble and fix by an approved Sub-Contractor the following purpose made powder coated anodised aluminium sliding,
hinged or fixed composite windows in approved sections minimum 45mm wide complete with all coupling mullions and transomes and frames and handles, lever, finger pulls, pins, catches, stays, hinges, approved locking devices and other accessories where applicable, fixed at predetermined positions, including ‘snap-on’ glazingbeads;   (glass measured separately).
  Note: All frames are size 80 x  40mm        
  Window size 800 x 1200mm overall in two  fixed panels and two vertical sliding panels all panels with frames for glazing 6            20,000.00                120,000.00
  5mm Thick laminated clear sheet glass and glazing to aluminium with aluminium beads (measured separately) in panes exceeding 2.50 sm but not  exceeding 3.00 sm m2 2              2,000.00                   4,000.00
  4mm Thick tinted glass in panes exceeding 1.00 square metres but not exceeding 1.50 square metres m2 1              1,200.00                   1,200.00
  Total Windows                    125,200.00
  Supply assemble and fix by an approved sub-contractor the following purpose made aluminium powder coated doors in approved
sections including ‘snap-on’ glazing beads,5 No. silencer pads per opening casement, building insteel frame lugs to jambs, plugging and screwing head and cill to and bedding frames in steel frame and  and pointing in approved mastic externally, oiling, easing adjusting.
  Note:-All doors to include integral hinges, locks and handles        
  -All door frames are size 150 x 50mm.        
  Door size 900 x 2100mm 7            50,000.00                350,000.00
  Supply and fix the following ironmongery to timber as per “Union” catalogue or other equal and approved        
  Three lever mortice door lock complete with pair of stainless steel furniture and complete with pair of keys 1              8,000.00                   8,000.00
  Total Doors                    358,000.00
  2 coats paint. m2 80                 800.00                 64,000.00
  Partitions lm 48              1,200.00                 57,600.00
  Total Wall Finishes                    121,600.00
  Polish m2 30              1,000.00                 30,000.00
  Total Floor Finishes                      30,000.00
  Scrub to remove dust, fill up joints with approved filler, prepare and apply[spray paint] three coats plastic emulsion paint externally to existing container wall surfaces m2 80                 800.00                 64,000.00
  Total External Finishes                      64,000.00
  2 coats paint m2 30                 800.00                 24,000.00
  Total Ceiling Finishes                      24,000.00
  Lighting points wired with 1.5 mm2 x 3 cables in concealed P.V.C.. conduits with all accessories excluding light fitting and switches for one way. 2                 650.00                   1,300.00
  The following in light fittings        
  1 x 36 W 1200 mm fluorescent fittings 2              2,500.00                   5,000.00
  13 A Ring socket outlet points wired in 2.5 mm2 x 3 single core copper cables in concealed 20mm diameter PVC conduits set in masonry and reinforced concrete slab 2                 650.00                   1,300.00
  13 A Single socket outlets as crabtree or equal and approved 2                 400.00                      800.00
  Suppy and install internally mounted High Wall split  A/C as ‘LG’ or other equal and approved 0           120,000.00                             –
  Suppy and install standard size  Fire extinguisher 0            15,000.00                             –
  Total Electrical Installations                        8,400.00
  PRELIMINARIES                                  –
  WALLING                       57,000.00
  WINDOWS                      125,200.00
  DOORS                      358,000.00
  WALL FINISHES                      121,600.00
  FLOOR FINISHES                       30,000.00
  EXTERNAL FINISHES                       64,000.00
  CEILING FINISHES                       24,000.00
  ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS                         8,400.00
  Sub-Total                    788,200.00
  Add Contingencies (Say 5%)                       39,410.00
  Total Estimate                    827,610.00


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