Water features in homes. Architectural enhancement of real estate.

Water features are design elements involving water that are incorporated in the design of a building.
These elicit a feel of refreshment and relaxed environment, usually associated with water.

Careful design such that the water features are balanced will go a long way in assisting the Feng Shui positive energy elements into the building.
Use of symetry, balance and mimicry of nature comes in handy .

Water features can be flowing rivers, fountains or just still ponds.

For areas where there is alot of energy eg living rooms and entry points, flowing water will help symbolise bubbling life, all pun intended. For relaxed indoor areas, still waters will help to symbolise calmness and peace.

Depending on whichever location, whether indoor, outdoor, living room, private space etc within the building, water features that best reflect the mood can be designed to fit within the overall architecture of the building.

Some water features are both aesthetic and functional, eg swimming pools. Some swimming pools are internal while others are placed externally.

Curvilinear forms seem to match well with recreational swimming pools while increasing the aesthetic value of the property.

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  1. Florence
    July 22, 2017 at 2:16 am

    Hello, am interested in an indoor water fountain or feature.

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