Month: October 2015

Investing in Real Estate During a Down Market

By Paul Bomers  |   Submitted On March 03, 2010   When people think about investing they almost always reference the stock market which I would say if fairly typical. In the past the stock market has been considered one of the best investments out there, especially if you’re planning on investing for any decent amount of time. With the current state… Read more →

For People Who Want to Invest in Real Estate But Can’t Get Started

By Jason Nault  |   Submitted On October 05, 2009 Everybody knows that no wealth-building strategy is complete without real estate, right? You’ve read all the experts who say you simply have to invest in real estate to earn the kind of money you need to make your dreams a reality. oYou’ve heard all the statistics… oMost millionaires and billionaires get rich… Read more →