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Java Coffee House off Koinange street, Nairobi. Colour scheme is earth colours, which have a naturally calming effect, making visitors more relaxed hence more sales to the owners.

The lighting is also not direct, hence giving the interior space a glowing ambiance which enhances comfortably.

Furniture and walls have mahogany hardwood frames.

The overall design uses symmetry, which goes to simplify the space to the eye, also contributing to higher levels of comfort-ability.


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Java coffee house at Upper Hill, Nairobi.

This restaurant is a perfect example of interior design for coffee houses. The large frame-less external windows bring the beautifully landscaped gardens into the interior. The 600mm by 600mm square granito floor tiles, in a shade of brown, bring out a majestic indoor aura.

Rustic Mahogany hardwood framing on window borders and counter edges help define the spaces and create interesting interior view.

Use of earth colours and shades of it through out, from the floor, walls, roof, furniture, removes any chances of colour clashing, making it easy for the eye. Humans define what is attractive by how easy the image is to be interpreted by the brain, hence use of earth colours that have shades matching and related to each other becomes useful here. The same principle is what humans use to define beautiful/handsome facial feature, people with easy, well balanced facial features that are symmetric are seen to be more beautiful since the image is easily interpreted by the human brain compared to faces that are slightly off symmetry.

The deliberate attempt to create balanced symmetry in this coffee house, seen in the window arrangement, counter partition arrangement and furniture layout makes the restaurant interior very aesthetically appealing.





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