Office Partitions using Prefabricated Wall systems in Kenya.

Office partitions using prefabricated wall panels have several advantages.

Sound insulation.

Office partitions where sound insulation is of importance such as doctor consultation rooms, lawyer consultation rooms, operation theaters, lecture theaters for universities and colleges, steel sandwich insulated panels come in handy.


Cost savings.

Steel sandwich prefab panels are cost effective compared to other types of internal partition panels such as MDF Boards, glass and Gypsum wall partitions.

For much higher quality of interior space, steel panel prefab walls give very good returns in terms of cost savings.

Fire safety.

Steel sandwich panel partitions have an advantage of fire safety. They take long for fire to spread from one room to the other . They also are not easy to ignite, compared to other types of partitions such as block boards and MDF boards.

Construction time saving.

Steel panel prefab systems are easy to install , hence saving on time and labour costs.

Ease of dismantling and reuse.

Steel internal wall panel partitions are easily dismantled and reused on other sites . This ensures overall reduction in operating costs of theĀ end users over time.

Ease of redesign of interior office space.

Steel sandwich prefab panels are easy to redesign and rearrange a when the office space needs change. Rearranging panels to increase or reduce space is a matter of a few hours when dealing with steel sandwich prefab panels.


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  1. Eric Mutwiri
    March 16, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Heey.. Am looking for a solution for a removable partition for a conference facility. It shall comprise two partitions that divides a hall into three sizeable meeting rooms. Please advise if you can provide this. The length of each partition is abt 15 feets. Thanks.

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