Prefabricated Houses for Backyard Office use.

Steel prefab houses come in handy for use as backyard offices.

They have advantage in terms of ease of getting County Planning department approvals since they are categorized as semi permanent structures, hence easy to obtain planning permissions to construct.

In terms of lease agreement with  the landlord for rented premises, they also would not in any way antagonize such leases since their ability to be easily dismantled when the lease is over guarantees their non interference with the landlord[s property as per lease agreement.


Properties that sit on large compounds, eg in Runda, Kileleshwa, langata and Lavington, can easily add more classy livable space in their backyards through construction of steel sandwich prefab panel houses.

High rise Offices.

For High rise office buildings, steel sandwich panels are used to partition the building, giving a well insulated, classy outward appearance.


Interior partitioning.

For interior office partitioning, particularly where sound insulation is crucial, eg hospitals, consultation rooms , lecture rooms, steel sandwich panels are very useful. The polysterene sandwich in between the 2 layers of steel ensures minimum sound is transmitted from one room to the other.


Steel sandwich panel prefabricated buildings and solutions are available for sale at . Email for sales inquiries.

Arch. Francis Gichuhi Kamau.


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