Real Estate Investing – How Real Estate Investments Work

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Real Estate involves the purchasing or selling of commercial and/or residential properties and renting them to tenants.


Though people consider real estate to be about buying and selling homes, there is more to it than meets the eye. Venturing in any opportunity in the real estate industry may result to very high returns provided you understand how and when to make your investments. This industry has quite a number of complications since you have to analyze a number of investment options and decide on the most appropriate.

Rental Properties

Real estate is about procuring property and leasing them out to potential tenants. Landlords are fully responsible for mortgage payments, maintenance costs as well as the taxation costs. A common strategy would be to charge the tenants enough rent in order to take care of other expenses. Once the mortgage payments are completed, the landlord may begin to enjoy the profits until they decide to sell the house to another party. During the mortgage payment period and beyond, the property appreciates and this translates to very high profits when sold.

The maintenance costs heavily depend on the tenants, who are prone to damaging property. This explains the importance of finding suitable tenants who are less of a risk. Not every investor in the real estate industry makes profits- those that have a problem getting tenants are likely to experience negative cash flows. This is very risky especially if the mortgage payments are not yet completed. The lending company is likely to repossess the property failure to making the mortgage payments as agreed. To avoid getting into such situations, it is wise to purchase property in areas where there are very low vacancy rates.

Demand is normally high in areas where there are low vacancy rates and vice versa. Maintaining such investments requires you to contribute much of your time and energy. In case of any property damage, the tenants are likely to contact the landlords for repair services. If one cannot conduct the repairs, they may have to hire property managers to take care of the maintenance issues.

Investment Groups

These are diminutive mutual funds that deal with rental properties. They are suitable for people who want to invest in real estate rental chattels but cannot or do not want to hold the position of a landlord. Such companies build real estate properties and then advertise for investors to purchase them via the company. The groups normally allow the investors to own multiple units, though the management takes care of interviewing tenants, advertising and maintaining the property.

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