Steel Prefab Houses Durability and Safety in Kenya

Prefab houses available in Kenya are mainly in the steel sandwich panels or cement board sandwich panels.

Cement board sandwich panels cost much higher hence suitable for high cost housing. Steel sandwich panels cost much lower hence suitable for middle cost housing.

Estates such as Greenspan in Athi River have been constructed using cement sandwich prefab panels.

Steel Sandwich panels.

These have an advantage over cement panels in that they are lower in cost and they are also easily dismounted and moved to a different location if need be.

Cement sandwich prefabs.


Steel Sandwich prefab.


Steel prefab panels are made using high quality galvanized steel, with a minimum of Gauge 28 Thickness, which has a lifespan of over 20 years and for construction in Nairobi where its far from the salty humid coastal weather, the steel can last a lifetime.

In terms of security, the steel panels are joint to the steel frame using bolts, hence providing a rigid secure frame which is not easy to break into.


Compared to the normal stone house types, the security features are more or less the same, considering that in normal stone  houses, the roof and ceilings are easily accessible to intruders by removing the roof cover material. In steel prefab housing, the bolting of the wall and roof panels to the structure gives it an extra security feature.


Steel prefab houses are available for sale at Any designs depending on the buyer’s requests can be done then the whole house shipped from China to the site in panels and steel support structures. These panels can then be joint together at the site to form the house.

For enquiries into purchasing steel prefab houses, contact, tel. 0721410684.


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    What’s the cost to Kenya with steel for a three bedroom standard house

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