Types of Lifts for high rise buildings in Kenya.


Kenya has now started embracing high rise buildings, with floors aver 5 storeys. Such require that the developer install lifts to allow for easy access to the higher floors.

Lifts travel at an average speed of between 1 to 5 m.s.

A simple lift costs around kes 5million to supply and install anywhere around Kenya. This cost is feasible since it allows for the developer to make use of the storeys above 5 floor levels. This enables good returns on investment since the developer can now tap income form the floors above, which, without lifts, would not be habitable.


Passenger lifts come in various designs such as panoramic, whereby there is a glass wall where occupants can check out the outside as the lift travels up and down.


Hospital lifts are larger so as to accommodate patients in beds and stretchers.

Service Lifts.

Service lifts are also different depending on their usage, which is customized at the point of architectural design.

In Hotels, there are dumbwaiter lifts, usually used to carry light load from one floor level to the other.

Car lifts.

With the increase in the number of vehicles, car lifts are coming in handy since they enable cars to be closely parked, saving on space. The circulation space for driveways in buildings that have parking within them can go as high as 30% of total floor area. With car lifts, this space is greatly reduced and thus can go into providing more car parking hence more income to the developer.


Automatic car lifts.

These automatically stack the cars vertically and horizontally within the confined space, usually made of pre engineered steel structure.


Stair lifts.

These enable people in wheelchairs to travel up and down stairways.

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