Trick of the Eye Illusions in Real Estate.

Trick of the eye, also known as trompe l’oeil, is a form of art incorporated in buildings whereby an illusion is created to look and seem real from a particular perspective.

These tricks of the eye help create a ‘wow’ effect on the buildings, thereby helping to attract attention .
Most TV stations use the trick of the eye illusions for their news anchor areas.
The refreshing vistas at Ebru TV , for example, are works of art that looks very similar to normal windows.

As the Kenyan real estate market becomes more competitive, use of rick of the Eye illusion art in shopping malls and office blocks can attract more customers and help the business to stabilize.

Internationally, America and Europe has alot of buildings utilizing this concept .
This advert below utilities illusion to completely stand out from the crowd.

The Blueprint Mural in Portland.
The use of the optical illusion has helped create the building as a landmark, hence an increase on the rental income to the building owner.

Cafe Trompe L’oeil, in San Jose, California

Use of the optical illusion to create an impression of spaciousness in the cafe improves the real estate value. Customers will psychologically feel like they are in a spacious area, hence more comfortable. Wish rents being high in Nairobi, this can be good way of improving profits for those with small spaces in urban areas.

René Magritte Museum, Belgium.

This museum creates its own uniqueness through the illusion of curtains being drawn to reveal a majestic work of art.
Janet Shearer’s Arches.
Janet, a UK based artist, created the arches mural that creates the impression of more and more rooms within a room.

This is ideal for small spaces where the illusion of more space is ideal to make the occupiers feel more comfortable.

Felice Varini is a Swiss born artist based in Paris.

He creates floating shapes that can be seen from a specific vantage point. This makes buildings very unique, giving them the much needed competitive edge in the real estate market.

Artist Ciarán Brennan

Artist Ciarán Brennan created the illusion of a house party for this house above. This gives the otherwise simple house an interesting exterior facade that would leave many a visitor thinking whats happening.

Architect Francis Gichuhi Kamau.

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