Rotary Parking Systems in Kenya.

The current scarcity of land for parking has necessitated out of the box solutions for parking.
Apartment blocks, offices, hotels, malls that require to increase their parking space can easily do this now.
Using the rotary parking system, the space used up by 2 car parks can be used to park between 8 to 10 more , stacked vertically on top.
This saves alot of land.
It requires a simple 3 phase electricity connection to power it.

There is no need for an attendant since users can easily press the buttons to park and retrieve their cars with ease.
It can rotate clockwise and anticlockwise depending on where the car is positioned, thereby using less energy to operate.

Comparison to constructing using concrete.

Assuming cost of land is equal in both scenarios, the cost of importing and erecting the rotary parking system for 8 cars is a maximum of kes 9 million.

The cost of parking 8 cars using a concrete structure is kes 23m. Car parking using concrete structure takes a lot of space due to the drive ways, ramps and turning radius for vehicles hence more costlier and takes more space.

Rotary car park systems thus help lower the cost of parking by more than half the cost of construction. can work with developers who require to import and install this within Kenya.
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