Clear view steel grill External Boundary Wall types.

Preferred Usage.

For high end markets such as shopping malls, palatial residences etc, clear view steel walling is used. Military and Police establishments also find this walling very useful.

Landscape views.

It has an advantage of being see through, hence allowing clear visibility of the interior landscapes.
It also helps in improving security since it allows through visibility hence chances of burglars hiding around the gate are diminished.


The steel grills are set up in a mesh very close together to prevent a burglar from climbing over.
The wall panels are also designed to be bolded and the bolts are only accessible in the inside part.
The steel grilles are put up very close together such that a burglar can not insert a pliers tool tocut through.

The wall panels, imported from South Africa, cost in the range of kes 10,000 per m2 to install in Kenya.

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