LED Christmas Decoration Lights

Advantages of using LED Xmas decoration lights in Kenya.

LED lights use very minimal amount of energy. This means that the electricity bill will be negligibly affected . Also, this is good for the environment since less energy use means less carbon dioxide added into the environment hence much greener.

LED lights have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours, meaning that once bought, the need for replacement will only arise after many years of use.

LED lights come in multi colours.

LED lights are flexible and can be shaped into interesting designs to give more impact.


LED lights are 20 times brighter than traditional solar lights used in out door gardens.

Kitchen under Cabinets.

LED lights are used for kitchen under cabinet lighting.

Hallways and Stair ways.

LED lights make stairways safer to use through their illumination. They also make the stairways improve their aesthetics, hence increasing property value.

Shopping Mall facades.

LED lights increase the aesthetic quality of shopping mall facades greatly.

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