Vertical Rotary Parking System in Nairobi, Kenya

Vertical Rotary Parking System in Nairobi, Kenya.

Cost comparison with purchasing more land and constructing concrete car park structure.

12 Car comparison.

Vertical rotary parking system.

Vertical rotary parking system costs kes 9,000,000 for 12 cars.

Space used. 15m2.

Purchasing land for 12 car parking .

12 car parking consumes 400m2 of space.
Assuming 4000m2 of space in an urban area around Nairobi such as Karen, Hurlingham, South B, Ngara to cost a minimum of kes 100,000,000, 400m2 of space will cost kes 10 million.

In most cases, such extension of space to purchase is not readily available, hence need to use the vertical rotary parking system instead.

Constructing 12 car parking space vertically .

Concrete structure to accommodate 12 cars will take up 500m2 of space. The car turning radius and minimum slope increases the circulation space that a vehicle uses to access the 1st floor level hence more construction costs. Cost of construction per m2 is kes 40,000. The total cost of construction is kes 40,000 x 500m2=kes 20,000,000.


At kes 9,000,000 for 12 car space construction, rotary parking system is the most economically feasible compared to purchasing extra land and / or constructing concrete parking structures within CBD and 15km radius of CBD areas such as south B, langata, karen, westlands, ngara, thika road and eastlands where land costs an upwards of kes 100m per acre.

Assuming a car park charge of kes 300 per car, 12 car parking spaces will cost kes 3,600.This will be kes 1.3million per year.
This will be a 7 year period of return on investment, hence a good investment.
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