Month: December 2016

2016 construction and Real Estate industry review. What to expect in 2017 in Kenya.

The year 2016 has been vibrant in the construction and real estate sector.   Around Nairobi, Malls such as The Hub in Karen were completed and opened up.   The watermark Mall, also in Karen , is at around 40% completion. 2 Rivers mall in Runda area is around 90% complete and set to open early 2017. The Mall concept… Read more →

Shipping Container House Plans in Kenya

  Shipping Containers in Kenya are easily converted into residential houses through clever re arrangement and re aligning to enable easy habitation. Various arrangements can be done depending on the budget size, and plot size.   High rise shipping container houses.   Shipping containers have an advantage of easily being vertically stacked to form high rise housing. This can be… Read more →