Tools used in Pointing and jointing.

Tools used in Pointing and jointing.



See the picture below. The man is holding a trowel with his right hand.

This tool is used to scoop put cement mortar and smear it on the masonry stone joints.


  1. Key jointing tool


The mason below is holding the key jointing tool with the left hand.

This tool is used to embed the key joint in between masonry blocks when the mortar is still wet and soft.


  1. Nylon string


This string is used to enable a mason emboss and imprint the vertical and horizontal lines for working with the key jointing tool.

  1. Spirit level

This tool is used to enable the mason establish perfect horizontal line on the nylon string for a smart key jointing exercise.


Preparing a surface for pointing in masonry walls.

  1. Using a hammer and chisel, chisel out the joint between the masonry stone blocks to widen it.
  2. Prepare mortar mix and fill in bucket or shallow container.
  3. Use a brush to sprinkle water along the joints to enable smooth adhesive of the mortar into the stone.



Preparing s surface for jointing of masonry blocks.


  1. Use the nylon string to mark the perfect horizontal height for the bottom cement screed.
  2. Use a brush to wipe out dust on the masonry stone if its machine cut.
  3. Lay the stone on top of the cement screed in alighnment with the nylon string.
  4. Lay the next few neighbouring stones, with a 1 inch joint in between them.
  5. Pour water on top of the stones to enable a more stronger adhesivity of mortar with the stone.
  6. Using the trowel, pour in mortar in between the joints .
  7. Using the trowel, poke into the mortar severally to enable the mortar enter into al corners and fill the joint completely.
  8. Using the trowel, smear the mortar to finish with a smooth smear that completely fills in the joint with mortar.

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